Here Are The Oscar Winners


Best Picture — Argo

Best Director — Ang Lee for Life of Pi

Best Actor — Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln

Best Actress — Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook

Best Supporting Actor — Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained

Best Supporting Actress — Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables

Best Adapted Screenplay — Argo

Best Original Screenplay — Django Unchained

Best Animated Feature Film — Brave

Best Documentary Feature — Searching For Sugar Man.

Best Foreign Language Film — Amour

Best Cinematography — Life of Pi

Best Costuming — Anna Karenina

Best Editing — Argo

Best Makeup and Hair-Styling — Les Miserables

Best Original Score — Life of Pi

Best Original Song — “Skyfall” in Skyfall

Best Production Design — Lincoln

Best Sound Editing — Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall

Best Sound Mixing — Les Miserables

Best Visual Effects — Life of Pi

Best Live-Action Short Film — Curfew

Best Animated Short Film — Paperman

Best Documentary Short Film — Innocente

By the numbers:

Life of Pi — 4

Argo — 3

Les Miserables — 3

Django Unchained — 2

Lincoln — 2

Skyfall — 2

Amour — 1

Anna Karenina — 1

Brave — 1

Curfew — 1

Innocente — 1

Paperman — 1

Searching for Sugar Man — 1

Silver Linings Playbook — 1

Zero Dark Thirty — 1

3 responses to “Here Are The Oscar Winners

  1. I’m a little torn. Argo was good. They managed to take the footage of the actual events and splice it in to tie all in well, and those last 30 minutes were really intense. I’m happy for Affleck and his group, but it bothers me that the Academy could go and say..”This is the Best Film this year, but it wasn’t the Best Filmed one.” That could be just me. I have yet to see Life of Pi, so there’s information I don’t fully have. I agree with Duke on the notion that there were a some better films out there.

    What was with the Twitter grumbling about Jennifer Lawrence’s win? That confuses me. It wasn’t like it wasn’t deserved. She did a great job in SLP.


    • I think it’s more of Jennifer Lawrence overload reaction. The same goes with Jessica Chastain. The public has a tendency to raise these people up, especially new stars, then pull them down when they think they’re getting beyond that new star freshness they first fell in love with. I didn’t mind Lawrence winning though I thought Chastain had the best performance of any actress in 2012. She was the one who didn’t just acted out of her mind, but had the most complex character growth and arc from start to finish.


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