Hottie of the Day: Kumada Yoko


The next hottie of the day comes from the Land of the Rising Sun. Like most hotties chosen from this region this one also happens to be one from the gravure model and idol scene. Kumada Yoko is our latest “Hottie of the Day”.

Ms. Kumada was born in Gifu City, Japan in 1982 which would make her, like fellow gravure model Hoshino Aki, a rarity in that she remains in the J-Idol world despite being much older than the usual models. This speaks to her longevity in the business which usually prefers that the models it hire for Idol projects and gravure photoshoots be between 17-23 years of age.

Yoko did start out much older than most of her peers as she studied to become a nurse once she was out of high school. She did try taio go into the entertainment business much earlier but was forbidden by her parents who disapproved of the profession. But while studying to be a nurse the urge to enter the business was still strong in Yoko and she finally followed her dream and hasn’t looked back.

While her early career was mostly gravure photoshoots and the Idol videos here and there, in time work came to her and she began to branch out to appearing on several TV shows and her share of live-action dramas. In the end, her love remains as a model and she continues to this day to pump out new photoshoot book collections and J-Idol videos.