Hottie of the Day: Kumada Yoko


The next hottie of the day comes from the Land of the Rising Sun. Like most hotties chosen from this region this one also happens to be one from the gravure model and idol scene. Kumada Yoko is our latest “Hottie of the Day”.

Ms. Kumada was born in Gifu City, Japan in 1982 which would make her, like fellow gravure model Hoshino Aki, a rarity in that she remains in the J-Idol world despite being much older than the usual models. This speaks to her longevity in the business which usually prefers that the models it hire for Idol projects and gravure photoshoots be between 17-23 years of age.

Yoko did start out much older than most of her peers as she studied to become a nurse once she was out of high school. She did try taio go into the entertainment business much earlier but was forbidden by her parents who disapproved of the profession. But while studying to be a nurse the urge to enter the business was still strong in Yoko and she finally followed her dream and hasn’t looked back.

While her early career was mostly gravure photoshoots and the Idol videos here and there, in time work came to her and she began to branch out to appearing on several TV shows and her share of live-action dramas. In the end, her love remains as a model and she continues to this day to pump out new photoshoot book collections and J-Idol videos.

Hottie of the Day: Tsugihara Kana


Our latest Hottie of the Day is very lovely Tsugihara Kana.

Ms. Tsugihara Kana is one of the rising star in Japan’s gravure modeling scene. While she stands little more than 5’2″ her quite curvaceaous figure has made her quite popular in Japan. She has mostly done bikini and lingerie modeling she has started to become one of the regular pin-ups in Sabra Magazine which is Japan’s answer to Maxim and FHM. Ms. Tsugihara has also had stints as spokesmodel for both the Xbox 360 and the Sony PSP (both black and white editions) during their launch release days. This fact alone is why her popularity is on the rise within the gaming community.

Kana certainly fits the profile to a double “T” of who is a hottie of the day.

Hottie of the Day: Akiyama Rina


One Miss Akiyama Rina takes over the mantle of Hottie of the Day.

Akiyama Rina from Tokyo is one of Japan’s top tv actress and has also done major gravure idol work. She’s famous for having been one of the regular cast members of the Kamen Rider Series. These tokusatsu franchises are similar to the Power Rangers live-action tv series in the US. Ms. Akiyama has done several different Kamen Rider series and has even made a cameo in Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater game as a poster found during the game. Her gravure modeling work has made her quite famous for showing off one of her best features and that would be her buttocks which was voted as Best in Japan in 2007. This claim to fame has even earned her the nickname of “Oshirina” which combines the Japanese word for buttocks “oshiri” and her first name of “Rina”.

I, for one, will not disagree with those who voted her best in 2007.

Hottie of the Day: Ikeda Natsuki

The newest hottie of the day is the one and only Ms. Ikeda Natsuki.

Ms. Ikeda was born in Kanagawa of the Chiba Prefecture east of Tokyo. She is an up and coming gravure idol at the age of 21. While her popularity is still not on the same level as the those of the so-called super-gravure‘s like Ai Hoshino, Anri Sugihara and Takizawa Nonami is it getting there. Natsuki’s early career has been well-known for several popular modeling calendar and album photoshoots. One of her albums, Queen of the Soul, has been quite popular inside Japan and has gotten her noticed by Western gravure fans as well. Ms. Ikeda also has several DVDs of her photoshoots with the first titled, Taiyo no Hitomi.

Still quite young, Ms. Ikeda enjoys her career as a gravure idol and plans to continue her said career for the forseeable future. When asked why she liked this particular career she replied that she enjoyed shooting photos of every aspect of her body. That it made her feel quite sexy. Thank God for that!

Hottie of the Day: Sugimoto Yumi

A new hottie picks up the mantle of Hottie of the Day and this particular one is the ridicilously cutie-hot Sugimoto Yumi.

Born in Osaka, Japan in April 1, 1989, the girl-next-door hotness that is Ms. Sugimoto started her career as a model. She started her modeling career when she was in elementary school. She was picked in a Grand-Prix audition for Ribbon, a manga magazine which is about 4 girls, their friendship, love lives, and various adventures. Ms. Sugimoto went from there to posing for gravure and other idol-related photoshoots where her innocent look made her popular. She has ventured into being an actress in addition to being a model. Sugimoto Yumi could be seen in Japanese tv shows such as Boys Este (tv drama) and the Power Rangers-like tokusatsu series, Engine Sentai Go-onger. In the latter she would play the equivalent of the Silver Ranger.

Ms. Sugimoto continues to model both for gravure and regular modeling photobooks. She has segued into film as part of the film-adaptations of her tokusatsu series Engine Sentai Go-onger. While her fans in Japan have never made mention of it those fans she has in the US has likened her as the Japanese Mary Elizabeth Winstead due to her close resemblance to the actress. In the end, she more than earns her hottie label due to her girl-next-door looks and innocent persona.

Hottie of the Day: Seto Saki

The Hottie of the Day returns with a new addition to the growing harem. Today’s hottie is the lovely Ms. Seto Saki.

Born in 1982 on June 21, Ms. Seto is not your typical Japanese gravure idol in that she doesn’t see herself as one. She’s actually one of Japan’s up and coming young actresses. Despite earning her initial fame for winning the 2003 Miss Shuukan Shounen Magazine gravure idol contest, she truly earned her lasting fame as part of the cast of the popular Japanese tv comedy show Haruka 17. Ms. Seto’s popularity and fresh-faced beauty made her perfect for the ever-growing modeling scene in Japan. She’s modeled for product ads and fashion lines. In 2002 she tried her hand in the music business as part of the Japanese pop-trio band “Strawberry”.

She’s lasted in the modelling and entertainment industry more than most people in her business. She currently has several modeling photobooks already in-print. Her acting career has spanned beyond Haruka 17 and into others series such as Hana Yori Danga 2 (Boys Over Flowers 2), Memories of Matsuko and Shimokita GLORY DAYS. While she hasn’t transitioned yet into the film industry it probably won’t be too long before she does and her fame grows even more. Until then her fans will continue to follow her through her tv shows and many modeling photobooks.

Hottie of the Day: Takizawa Nonami


Our latest hottie of the day is the lovely Takizawa Nonami.

Another in a long line of gorgeous gravure idols out of Japan, Ms. Takizawa was born in 1985 from Saitama Prefecture right outside of Tokyo. She is quite famous for her girl next door smile and for her voluptous figure. While she first came up doing gravure photobooks and modeling videos, Ms. Takizawa quickly branched out to other aspects of the Japanese entertainment industry. She has appeared in Japanese TV shows such as the TV drama adaptation of the anime and manga Akihabara@DEEP. Roles in Japanese films soon followed not to mention even appearing in the stage drama production Gekidan Taishu Shosetsuka in 2006.

In addition to appearing on TV, film and stage she has also started a burgeoning music career with two full-lenght albums to her credit with three best-selling singles in Japan. Her popularity has extended far from the shores of Japan and into the West with a legion of fans growing in the U.S. due to her gravure idol photobooks being made available on-line and some of her modeling videos seen on YouTube.

Hottie of the Day: Nishida Mai


A special treat for fans of hotties everywhere. The latest to wear the mantle of hottie of the day is the very kawaii Nishida Mai.

Ms. Nishida Mai is one of the newest gravure idols to create a sensation in Japan. She was born in 1989 in the city of Kyoto and now appears in gravure photbooks and videos all over Japan. Her petite but very curvaceous figure has made her legions of fans both in her homeland and overseas. Ms. Nishida has begun appearing on Japanese tv as her career continues to gain traction. Nishida Main truly captures the meaning of being a hottie and well-deserving to be chosen as one.

Hottie of the Day: Sasaki Nozomi


Our hottie for the day is the impossibly cute Sasaki Nozomi.

Ms. Sasaki is one of the most popular Japanese models who was born in the Akita Prefecture in Japan and now lives in Tokyo. While fans of her work in the West know her mostly from her work as a gravure model she is quite the multi-talented lass who is also one of Japan’s top Idols and also an up-and-coming actress both live-action and voice-acting. Her looks has been compared to those of porcelain dolls and her modeling photobooks attest to that fact.

Ms. Sasaski is another reason why it must be good to live in Japan.

Hottie of the Day: Anri Sugihara


Taking the mantle of hottie of the day from fellow Japanese Idol model Haruna Yabuki is Anri Sugihara of Hiroshima Prefecture. Ms. Sugihara is one of Japan’s most popular J-Idol and gravure models. She has graced the covers of many Japanese gravure photoshoot books. While her video work still has been only through footage of her photoshoots she has still gained fans both in and out of Japan. Ms. Sugihara combines both girl-next-door beauty with flawless skin and the long legs and curvaceous figure thats made her legions of followers throughout the internet. Here’s to hoping we continue to see more of Hiroshima Prefecture’s favorite daughter, Ms. Anri Sugihara.