Music Video of the Day: I’m Free by The Soup Dragons (1990, directed by ?????)

Today’s music video of the day is for the song I’m Free, which was covered by the Scottish group, The Soup Dragons, in 1990.

That’s right, this is a cover.  I’m Free was originally recorded by The Rolling Stones in 1965 and was the last track on the Out Of Our Heads album.  To quote Rolling Stone Magazine, the original song was a “folk rocker.”  The version by the Soup Dragons was much more psychedelic and featured a verse from Jamaican reggae performer, Junior Reid.  I’m Free became the band’s biggest hit, reaching the number 2 spot on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart.  You may have also heard it in the film, The World’s End.

As for the Soup Dragons, after ten years and five albums, they disbanded in 1995, though all of the members continue to make music to this day.