Spring Break Scenes That I Love: Plane vs Shark from Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Hopefully this doesn’t happen to anyone on their way home from Spring Break.

Or me, on my way home from my vacation.

Travel safely!

From 2009’s Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus:

Spring Break Scenes That I Love: The American Dream from Spring Breakers

From Spring Breakers (2012), one of the best films of the past decade.

Alien (James Franco) explains the American Dream.

Spring Breaks Scenes That I Love: You Are Not A Summer Love From Horror Of Party Beach

The beach is so much fun that even mom and dad can’t stay away!

Actually, the two beachgoers in this film may look like they’re in their 40s but they were only supposed to be teenagers.  That’s just the type of film that 1964’s Horror Of Party Beach is.

Anyway, in this one, the Del-Aires return and perform You Are Not A Summer Love.  It’s meant to be romantic, though you’ll probably laugh before you swoon.  One thing’s for sure.  It’s all very 1964.

Spring Break Scenes That I Love: The “Which Vinny?” Scene From Jersey Shore Shark Attack

The reason that I’ve picked the scene below for today’s scene of the day is that I want to encourage everyone to exercise caution this Spring Break.

Things can get crazy out there, especially on the Jersey Shore.

From 2012’s Jersey Shore Shark Attack:

Spring Break Scenes That I Love: The Del-Aires Perform The Zombie Stomp in Horror Of Party Beach!

This is from the 1964 film, Horror on Party Beach!  

Can you believe that some people think that they didn’t know how to have fun in the early 60s?

Of course, you did have to look out for the monsters.  I guess that was the only drawback…

(I should admit that I’m not really sure if this movie was supposed to be occurring during spring break but who cares?  It’s got the zombie stomp!  Add to that, I’d be worried about anyone who voluntarily spent their spring break on such a depressing-looking beach.  Not when you can just go down to Galveston.)

Spring Break Scenes That I Love: “You jerk. You moron. You idiot.” from Welcome to Spring Break

Since it’s Spring Break for many people in the United States, I figured this would be a good time share some of my favorite Spring Break scenes.

This one comes from Umberto Lenzi’s 1988 film, Welcome to Spring Break.  In this scene, a student has decided to have a little bit of fun by pretending to be dead on the beach.  Since there’s an actual murderer on the loose, his friends are less than impressed with his sense of humor.

It’s a short scene but it features one of the greatest line readings ever.

“You jerk.”

“You moron.”

“You idiot.”