Music Video of the Day: Shut Up by Madness (1981, directed by Chris Gabrin)

In this video, the members of Madness start off as crooks and then they become cops before becoming crooks again.  But regardless of which side of the law that the band finds itself on, they’re all always chasing after the band’s lead singer, Suggs.  What crime has Suggs committed?  It has something to do with cars and a black mask.

In the song, Suggs attempts to convince the police that he’s innocent, even though it’s obvious that he’s guilty.  Despite the song’s title, the words “Shut Up” are never heard.  Originally, the song was meant to have a verse that would be told from the point of view of the cop, singing about how chasing after petty criminals is keeping him from spending time with his family.  At the end of the song, the cop would order Suggs to “Shut up!”  However, that verse was ultimately dropped, leaving the request to shut up merely implied.