Merry Christmas and a Happy Treevenge to One and All!


It wouldn’t be a Christmas here at Through the Shattered Lens without our yearly viewing of that most Christmas-y of all Christmas films: Treevenge.

I wouldn’t be out of place to say that this is the greatest film ever developed, put on celluloid and released for the world to see. We here at Through the Shattered Lens always wait for Christmas morning to see if the Christmas trees will make an appearance on the site and, lo and behold, they haven’t missed a Christmas morning since 2009.

Treevenge is a film that is full of Chrstmas joy. From it’s nostalgic opening music to the joy of families and friends enjoying their Christmas Eve with their new, hand picked Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas, One and all!

Merry Christmas from the Folks of Through the Shattered Lens

TreevengeIt’s a yearly tradition to celebrate the birth of this particular site by reintroducing it’s readers (introducing those new to the site) to the greatest film ever made. It’s the greatest Christmas film and the greatest feel good film. In the end, it’s just the greatest film ever made and anyone who thinks otherwise is just misguided and wrong.

Treevenge has everything one should ever want and probably didn’t even know they needed or wanted. It has romance. Nostalgia for those who fondly remember getting to choose their first Christmas tree. It’s a family film where we see families celebrate the traditions of the holidays.

It even has moments of scandalous scenes that may make one go “OH MY!”. I know that many of the original contributors past and present look forward to this yearly TSL tradition. I may not have been as active this year as I have been year’s past, but this was one day I wouldn’t missed for all the world.