Music Video of the Day: Wrecked by Imagine Dragons (2021, dir by Matt Eastin)

Today’s music video of the day is the latest from Imagine Dragons. He’s wrecked because his relationship didn’t work out. At least he’s got a nice beach to think about it on. I can’t imagine anything worse than being depressed some place that isn’t photogenic.

This video was at least partially filmed at Caesar’s Palace. They even got a special thank you.


Music Video of the Day: Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons (2017, dir by Matt Eastin and Aaron Hymes)

Whatever it takes

I know I can make it through….

Oh wait a minute, this isn’t the Degrassi theme song.  Sad to say but there has never been an official music video released for the Degrassi theme song.  If there had been, I would definitely be sharing it today for Canadian Thanksgiving.

Still, this Imagine Dragons song isn’t bad and the video features a lot of fire and destruction, which fits in with our horror theme this month.  So, I’ll take it.