Music Video of the Day: Golden Spiral by Holly Miranda (2019, dir by Natalie Morales)

I like this music video because it doesn’t look like it cost much to make but, at the same time, it also communicates the idea that the world is on the verge of ending.  This is the Ides of March, after all.  If there’s ever been a day to appreciate apocalyptic art, this would be it.

Personally, I have my doubt as to whether or not Julius Caesar really appreciated art.  Everything that I’ve read about him would seem to suggest that he was more into war and military history than into artistic representations of those same things.  Cassius, however, probably had a god eye for art.  He sounds like he was an intellectual.  As for Brutus, I imagine that he always made sure to say that he liked everything that everyone else liked.  Brutus was probably a lot like the character that Tatum O’Neal played in Basquiat.

Anyway, enjoy!