Horror on TV: Suspense 3.18 “The Tip” (dir by Robert Stevens)

On tonight’s episode of Suspense, Elaine Court (Felicia Montealegre) just wants to relax.  In fact, considering that she’s recovering from a recent heart attack, it’s actually very important that she be allowed to just relax.  Too bad there’s a strange man (Stanley Ridges) who keeps mysteriously appearing!  One day, when Elaine returns from a trip out, she finds the stranger waiting in her home….

This episode originally aired on December 26th, 1950.  Seriously, the day after Christmas!

Horror On TV: Suspense 1.13 “The Yellow Scarf” (dir by Robert Sevens)

Tonight’s episode of Suspense features Boris Karloff as the mysterious Mr. Bronson, a scientist living in London in 1897.  Bronson gives lodging to Hettie (Felicia Montealegre) on the condition that she do the housework, that she never got out alone, and that she never enters his laboratory.  However, when Bronson discovers that Hettie has struck up a relationship with Tom (Douglass Watson), Bronson uses his scientific knowledge to seek revenge.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Karloff is the main reason to watch this episode of Suspense.  He’s wonderfully creepy here, playing one his more villainous roles.

This originally aired on June 7th, 1949.