Music Video of the Day: Angel in Blue Jeans by Train (2014, dir by Brendan Walter and Mel Soria) (Happy Birthday, Danny Trejo!)

Happy birthday, Danny Trejo!

Today’s music video of the day features Danny Trejo riding a motorcycle through the desert and doing other badass, Danny Trejo-type things.  I know that a lot of people will watch this video and think to themselves, “My God, he can sing too!”  However, believe it or not, Trejo is just lip-syncing.  I know.  I was shocked to find that out, too.  That said, Trejo does a pretty good job lip-syncing and it’s possible that he may have been singing during the filming.

Seriously, who doesn’t love Danny Trejo?  Not only is he a good actor who appears to sincerely want to improve the lives of other people but he’s got a pretty inspiring personal story too.  So today, we happily wish the best of birthdays and we invite you to….