Scenes I Love: “Avenge Me!” from Red Dawn

Today, the Shattered Lens wishes a happy birthday to a true Hollywood iconoclast, John Milius!  In honor of Milius and his career and his legacy, today’s scene that I love comes from Milius’s 1984 film, Red Dawn.

After their small town is taken over by a combination of Cuban and Russian soldiers, a group of teenagers flee to the hills.  After a few months, they sneak back into town.  In this scene, two brothers (Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen) discover that their father (Harry Dean Stanton) is one of the many townspeople who have been sentenced to a reeducation camp.  Their dad says a few final words to them, knowing that he’ll probably never see them again.  He leaves them with one final instruction: “AVENGE ME!”  Not even the propaganda film playing in the background can cover the sound of their father demanding vengeance.

And, of course, they do get their revenge, sacrificing their lives so that America might once again be free.  It’s a classic John Milius moment and an appropriate scene with which to celebrate his birthday.

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