Music Video of the Day: Let Her In, performed by John Travolta (1976, dir by ????)

Did you know that John Travolta was singer, even before he starred in Grease?

I didn’t, until I came across the video below on YouTube.  Apparently, Travolta released two albums before he played Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever.  (After Saturday Night Fever was a hit, a third compilation album was released.  It was called — I kid you not — Travolta Fever.)  As a singer, Travolta’s biggest, non-Grease hit was a 1976 cover of a song called Let Her In.  The song spent five months on the U.S. charts and it peaked at number ten.  It was an even bigger hit in Canada, where Travolta’s sensitive song stylings were appreciated by the most polite people to ever knock out each other’s teeth at a hockey game.

From 1976, here is John Travolta performing Let Her In.


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