Happy Birthday, Arleigh!

A hushed silence falls over the TSL offices as we come together to celebrate the man who makes all of this possible.

Today is November 27th.


Thirteen years ago (!), Arleigh Sandoc created the site that would become Through the Shattered Lens.  Twelve years ago, he came across me defending Dario Argento on twitter and he asked me if I would like to be a contributor.

Of course, I accepted and I have never looked back.  Over the years, we’ve been joined by other contributors, all of whom have added their voices and made Through the Shattered Lens into what it is today.  It’s been a wonderful ride and I’m looking forward to thirteen more years!  And it all started with Arleigh Sandoc and a review of Avatar!

So, today, let us celebrate!

Celebrate by reading Arleigh’s review of Avatar, the post that launched this site.

And then check out his review A History of Violence!

And his review of Night of the Living Dead!

Want a real blast of nostalgia?  Check out his thoughts on the first episodes of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones!

Thank you, Arleigh, for the opportunity to be a part of Through the Shattered Lens.  And happy birthday!

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