The Phillies Win Game 3

After being canceled due to yesterday’s weather, Game 3 of the World Series was played in Philadelphia tonight.  As I’ve said since the post-season began, I’m a Texan.  I wish the Rangers were in the World Series but they’re not.  The Astros are the Texas team in the World Series and that’s who I’m cheering for.  I wasn’t happy to watch the Astros lose tonight.  I especially wasn’t happy to see them lose by 0 runs to 7.

I’m happy for all the Phillies fans, though.  Whenever I would start to get upset about the score, the broadcast would show the fans reacting in the stands and they were so happy that I couldn’t help but be happy for them.  It reminded me of how excited I was when the Rangers made it to the World Series and how excited I’ll be when they make it their again.

So, congratulations, Phillies!  I’m still cheering for the Astros but the Phillies played a good game and they made their fans happy.

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