Scene That I Love: Clint Eastwood Tells Off The Motorcycle Cops in Magnum Force

Today, we celebrate the 92nd birthday of screen icon Clint Eastwood.

Of the many characters that Eastwood has played, Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan is one of the best-remembered and is still popular to this day.  When he first appeared, Dirty Harry was so willing to break the rules to bring the Scorpio Killer to justice that some critics accused 1971’s Dirty Harry as being a “fascist work of art.”  Callahan answered those critics in 1973’s Magnum Force, when he faced off against true fascism in the form of a group of vigilante motorcycle cops.  The motorcycle cops thought Harry would be happy to join them in their crusade to murder every criminal in San Francisco.

As Harry puts it when he runs into them in a parking garage. “I’m afraid you’ve misjudged me.”

Though Magnum Force never reaches the heights of the first Dirty Harry, the scene below is a classic and the line, “All our heroes are dead,” is one of the most important of the 70s.  (And, for that matter, the 2020s as well!)

Happy birthday, Clint Eastwood!

3 responses to “Scene That I Love: Clint Eastwood Tells Off The Motorcycle Cops in Magnum Force

  1. 92 years old, a career filled with incredible artistic highs, and some personal and professional lows as well…”Dirty Harry” is a classic action thriller, and while I agree this doesn’t have those aspirations, it does well with what it sets out to do…


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