Lisa Marie’s Week In Review: 2/14/22 — 2/20/22

I’ve been suffering from fatigue this entire month.  So, I’m getting some sleep tonight!  Sleeps helps with fatigue, right?

Anyway, here’s what I watched and listened to this week!

Films I Watched:

  1. Downfall: The Case Against Boeing (2022)
  2. How I Fell In Love With A Gangster (2022)
  3. My Best Friend Anne Frank (2021)
  4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)
  5. The Tomorrow War (2021)
  6. Watch Out, We’re Mad! (1974)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. Allo Allo
  2. The Amazing Race
  3. Celebrity Big Brother
  4. Cobra Kai
  5. Inventing Anna
  6. King of the Hill
  7. Murderville
  8. The Office
  9. Open All Hours
  10. Pam & Tommy
  11. Silk Stalkings
  12. The Winter Games

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Blanck Mass
  2. Caroline Romano
  3. Charlie XCX
  4. The Chemical Brothers
  5. Dillon Francis
  6. Joy Crookes
  7. Kedr Livanskiy
  8. Louis Armstrong
  9. Moby
  10. Saint Motel
  11. Steve Aoki
  12. Theodore
  13. Tove Lo


  1. Deep Water

Links From Last Week:

  1. The United States Is an Olympics Coward
  2. Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir kept quiet during Kamila Valieva’s skate. It was powerful TV
  3. Figure Skating Looks Fun!
  4. The Hollywood Sign Becomes The “RAMSHOUSE”? Check Out This Wacky Super Bowl Makeover!
  5. The World’s Common Tater’s Week in Books, Movies, and TV 2/18/22

News From Last Week:

  1. Ivan Reitman, ‘Ghostbusters’ director and son of Auschwitz survivor, dies at 75
  2. Political Satirist PJ O’Rourke dies at 74
  3. SB TV Founder Jamaal Edwards dead at 31
  4. Oscars: Twitter’s Top Fan Favorite Will Be Recognized During Show
  5. Amazon’s Cinderella Leads Fan Favorite Poll
  6. Notes On The Season: Johnny Depp, Camila Cabello Ignite Academy’s #OscarsFanFavorite Race; AMPAS Nixes Ticket Lottery; Ann-Margret Oscar Rewind
  7. The entire NFL seemingly thrilled to watch Eli Apple’s Super Bowl 2022 fail
  8. ‘Destructive’ Rams fans take over downtown LA after Super Bowl win
  9. LA mayor Eric Garcetti, celebs called out not wearing masks at Super Bowl
  10. Amy Schumer, Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes Eyed to Host Oscars
  11. Chris Cuomo fired after CNN learned of alleged sex attack during office ‘lunch’: report
  12. Parents, 12-year-old say Abby Broyles verbally ‘accosted’ kids at Valentine’s party
  13. Sha’Carri Richardson sees a double standard in allowing Kamila Valieva to compete

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Game Review: Locked Door V: Switched On (2022, Cody Gaisser)

Last week, when I played the fourth game in Cody Gaisser’s Locked Door series, I got bogged down in trying to figure out how to unlock a safe.  It was a real case of “guess the verb.”  Eventually, it turned out that I was guessing the right verb but I just wasn’t using it correctly in the game.  Once I got the safe open, I was able to get the key from Bob, open the wooden door, and get that all important trophy!

It’s a good thing that I eventually figured out how to open that safe because I had to do it all over again in Locked Door V.  That’s the way the Locked Door games work.  Each game features the same locations and puzzles from the previous games, along with new rooms to explore and new puzzles to solve.  Locked Door V also adds a new NPC, Rex the Dog.  Rex follows you everywhere and says, “Arf!”

After all of the difficulty that I had during the fourth game, I was relieved that I had a much easier time with Locked Door V.  It helped that I now knew how to open that safe.  Locked Door V‘s biggest puzzle comes from exploring the newly added basement.  Not only do you have to figure out how to make your way through a room that is completely dark but there’s also a puzzle that can only be solved by searching the rooms and being sure to pay attention to the details.  Do that and you’ll get the trophy!

I enjoyed Locked Door V.  Next week, I’ll see what Locked Door VI has in store for me!

Played Locked Door V: Switched On.

The Tomorrow War, Review by Case Wright

I loved this movie and really loved live tweeting it with Lisa Bowman. There are some critics (killjoys) who want to pick on the movie because it doesn’t “make sense.” No one said this was being made for the Science Channel; so, just cool it and enjoy! Do I think that time travel is a bunch of nonsense? Yes, but so what?! I don’t believe in “Letters of Transit,” Facehuggers, or the Force.

I can relate to the hero A LOT; he’s a Veteran with Daddy issues who is trying to get a career going in STEM and he has a young daughter. The film opens with us learning he is teaching high school science and can’t get a private sector job. He feels like he’s meant for more, but can’t get there. He and his wife are hosting a Christmas party and watching soccer. Dan, I know that times are tough, but why bring soccer into it? I don’t think that people watch soccer on purpose. How could they? Why make your life harder? Our future-selves appear and ask for help in fighting aliens who are turning us into snacks. We agree to help and mobilize a global draft.

This is where most critics get worked up. Why help fight a battle that is already lost? I’ll tell you! The movie makes more sense than people think. Why send Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) and millions of other people from our time to fight aliens from the future? They needed cannon fodder while they protected researchers who created a toxin to kill the male and female aliens. Without that toxin, Dan would not have been able to defeat the alien queen. Take that! The whole plan is to get the toxin finished and have Dan go back and kill all the aliens with it. Without it, she would’ve eaten him. Yes, we needed the cannon fodder. If Dan succeeds, wouldn’t that bring all the draftees back to life? Yeah, maybe? Einstein didn’t really didn’t have to deal with too many aliens and wormholes. I would put that in the column of …. relax.

Back to the movie, Dan gets drafted and his wife wants him to get his estranged father to help him remove his draft tracking device. Dan’s father abandoned him and his mother; so, Dan gets angry at his father and decides to honor his draft commitment and fight aliens. He goes to the future with no training, fights aliens, and retrieves the toxin. Way to go, Dan.

These monsters are gross and good adversaries. They’re fast, they shoot spikes, the eat you, they have natural armor, and can coordinate attacks. We are doomed. After he gets the toxin, he meets his grown daughter Muri who is the head of the resistance. We learn Dan fell into a depression because he couldn’t live a bigger life and he abandons his family just like his father did. This is why Muri drafted Dan: She wanted him to be his best self and to be the special person that he needed to be after his military life was over. She gives her father a chance to be a hero again. When Muri finishes the toxin, he goes back to save the future or the past …it’s kinda confusing.

I have given quite a bit of the film away, but it’s still amazing. I appreciate the critique that Charlie (Sam Richardson) brought too much humor to the film. I actually liked it, but I could’ve lived without it as well. Instead of the endless jokes, I would’ve liked more development of Dorian (Edwin Hodge). His lines popped more and brought more seriousness to the film. Were Charlie’s jokes funny? Yes, but while the jokes went on, I thought- I really wish I could hear more from Dorian interacting with Dan.

The direction was very well done. I love a well choreographed action movie without a lot of cutaways. This delivered. I was surprised to learn that Chris McKay’s filmography was heavily in animation. I hope he gets more opportunities for live action. The final battle scene was a lot of fun. I liked that the female characters had depth, kicked ass, and had real arcs. Because of that, my daughters love watching the movie with me. I can only write that we haven’t seen the movie six times.

Music Video of the Day: Oddities and Prodigies by Caroline Romano (2022, dir by Justin Key)

This music video reminds me of many a country night.


I’ve got a habit
Of loving the tragic
There’s a
Hole in my jacket
But I. don’t. care.

It’s 3 am and I can’t sleep
And you’ll find me running down the street
With tears in my eyes
But I’m alright
Because I’m alive
And I love it

My teachers never understand
Why I make all these impossible plans

And I fall apart
And I love it

But that’s just who I am
Say what you want
Cause I don’t give damn
So baby
Call me when I’m dead
You say they dropped me on my head
But i think you must be misled cause
Oddities and Prodigies
Go hand in hand

This isn’t something they teach in school
And I’m not tryna start a trend
A revolutionary war
When I hear the record spin

I feel so bloody beautiful
When I’m lying on the floor

Cause that’s just who I am
Say what you want
Cause I don’t give damn
So baby
Call me when I’m dead
You say they dropped me on my head
But i think you must be misled cause
Oddities and Prodigies
Go hand in hand

What will books say about me
What will my friends say about me
What will my mom say about me
What will you say about me
What will books say about me
What will my friends say about me
What will my mom say about me
What will I say about me

But that’s just who I am
Say what you want
Cause I don’t give damn (extended)
So baby
Call me when I’m dead
You say they dropped me on my head
But i think you must be misled cause
Oddities and Prodigies
Go hand in hand