A Blast From The Past: The Other Fellow’s Feelings (dir by Arthur H. Wolf)

Why is Judy crying in class?

She says it’s because Jack “won’t stop teasing me.”  Is Jack to blame or does Judy need to toughen up?  Should Jack’s classmates have said, “Lay off?”  Should Judy’s friends have tattled to the teacher?  Should Judy have teased Jack back?  What would you do?

This short film from 1951 considers all of those issues and yet, it’s hard not to feel that the ultimate message is that Judy needs to stop taking everything so personally.  Sorry, movie.  Sorry, judgmental narrator.  I disagree.  Myself, I think the skinny kid with the glasses should have followed through with his threat to beat Jack up.  Up until I was 12, I had a really severe stutter so I know what Judy was going through.  Fortunately, in my case, I also had three older sisters and a bunch of overprotective cousins that were always looking after me.  Judy doesn’t seem to have that type of support system.  To be honest, in most cases like this, I put the blame on the teachers.  Jack and Judy are sitting up at the front of the class so there’s really no excuse for no one noticing what was going on.

This short film is another one that feels like a Herk Harvey production but it was actually directed by Arthur Wolf.  My favorite shot is the entire class staring at the camera while the narrator asks, “What would you do?”  Seriously, someone’s in a lot of trouble once these kids come to a consensus on who is to blame.

From 1951, it’s time to consider …. The Other’s Fellow’s Feelings.

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