Scenes That I Love: The Magician From The Funhouse

The Funhouse (1981, dir by Tobe Hooper)

Earlier today, I shared four scenes from four Tobe Hooper films.

Now that it’s time to share a scene that I love, I figure why not continue to pay tribute to Tobe Hooper? The scene below is from Hooper’s unjustly neglected 1981 film, The Funhouse. It doesn’t really advance the plot in any way but it’s still a scene that I really enjoy. It shows Hooper being a bit more playful than usual and it does introduce one the film’s key themes: not everything at the carnival is what it seems. Later on in the film, the same people who made fun of this magician will discover that the magician is not the only person at the carnival who is more clever than they thought.

From 1981’s The Funhouse:

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