Lisa’s Week In Review: 7/5/21 — 7/11/21

For the record, I hate the term “adulting” and yet, that’s probably the only term that I can use to describe last week.  I acted like an adult and I did a bunch of adult things and none of them make for a particularly a good story but they still had to be done.  For instance, I got the battery changed in my car.  I paid all of my bills.  I went over to my Dad’s house to make sure that the landscapers trimmed the trees so that he didn’t get fined by the city.

Actually, I guess that last bit might make a good story.  The city was actually going to fine my Dad because the branches on the trees in his front yard were reaching across something called “the gutter line.”  My Dad is having a few health issues right now so he really wasn’t feeling up to doing it himself.  So, I called the landscapers and I made sure that they took care of it.  That’s not a problem, of course.  The problem is that it had to be done in the first place.  The letter that the city sent my Dad was particularly snooty as well, as if a branch reaching across the gutter line was the greatest sin known to man.  My main regret is that the branches all went into a woodchipper because I would have liked to have dumped them in front of city hall!

(I also have to say that I couldn’t look at the woodchipper without thinking about that scene in Fargo, where Frances McDormand comes across Peter Stomare disposing of Steve Buscemi.  Agck!)

Anyway, I did get a chance to watch a few movies and to follow the news from Cannes.  Here’s what I watched, read, and listened to this week:

Hobo With A Shotgun

Films I Watched:

  1. Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)
  2. Death Ship (1980)
  3. Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)
  4. In The Heights (2021)
  5. Kagemusha (1980)
  6. Scarecrow (1973)
  7. The Son’s Room (2001)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. Allo Allo
  2. The Bachelorette
  3. Bar Rescue
  4. Big Brother
  5. Children’s Hospital
  6. Court Cam
  7. Dragnet
  8. Hell’s Kitchen
  9. Love Island
  10. Moone Boy
  11. The Office
  12. Open All Hours
  13. Parking Wars
  14. Upstart Crow

Books I Read:

  1. Red Thorns (2021) by Rina Kent

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Adi Ulmansky
  2. Barry Adamson
  3. Big Data
  4. The Chemical Brothers
  5. Coldplay
  6. Dillon Francis
  7. Dope Lemon
  8. Dua Lipa
  9. Haim
  10. Jennifer Lopez
  11. Joywave
  12. Lynard Skynard
  13. The Marias
  14. The Mirrors
  15. Nick Cave
  16. Phantogram
  17. Retriever
  18. Saint Motel
  19. Samantha Fish
  20. Transviolent
  21. Wolf Alice


  1. What If?
  2. Val
  3. Jungle Cruise

News From Last Week:

  1. Richard Donner Dead: Director of Superman and Lethal Weapon Passes Away
  2. Robert Downey, Sr. Dead: Director was 85
  3. William Smith, Actor Known For His Onscreen Brawl, dies at 88
  4. Chick Venerra Dies: Actor Appeared in Thank God It’s Friday
  5. Actress Suzanne Douglas Dead At 64
  6. Lethal Weapon and Goonies Sequels Are Unlikely After Death of Donner

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  3. Ryan reviewed Alanzo Sneak, Dead Cells, Fellas, 2001, Our Fighting Forces, SuperPowers, and Captain Victory!

More From Us:

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Kirby Week : “Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers” #1

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Good vs. evil — at the end of the day, it’s what most stories boil down to. We live in a time when various age-old evils such as racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and nationalism (among others) have re-branded themselves as QAnon, MAGA, America First, Oath Keepers, etc., but evil is evil is evil, no matter what guise it cloaks itself with. Just ask Jack Kirby (who I’m glad didn’t live long enough to see this sorry age) — he knew better than most.

Kirby’s experiences on the front lines of WWII drove home lessons he’d already learned about prejudice and anti-Semitism in his youth — let it go unchecked, and people are gonna get killed — and he knew exactly how to confront it, both in representation and actuality : when his famous image of Captain America punching out Hitler pissed off Nazi “fifth columnists” here in the US to the…

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Kirby Week : “Super Powers” (Vol.1) #5

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Among the ranks of Jack Kirby devotees and casual fans alike, you likely won’t be able to find many willing to make the claim thatSuper Powers#5 (cover-dated November, 1984 and featuring the story title “Spaceship Earth! We’re All On It!”) ranks among The King’s greatest works — and I’m not here to make that case, either. What Iamhere to do is to advance a (hopefully) convincing argument that this is still a terrific comic well worthy of critical re-appraisal, and that the flaws itdoeshave aren’t Jack’s fault. In fact, he tried his best to save this mess of a series and pretty much pulled it off.

Some quick background info is probably in order at this point :Super Powerswas a mini-series launched by DC to capitalize on a then-popular line of toy “action figures” bearing the same name, which featured all of…

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Lisa’s Week In Television: 7/4/21 — 7/10/21


This week, I mostly used the television for background noise.  Here’s some notes on what I watched:


Allo Allo (PBS, Sunday Night)

A camera was dropped off that could save France but, unfortunately, it landed in a vineyard.  So, of course, it fell on Rene and everyone from the café to work in the vineyard to retrieve it.  I find myself relating to Michelle of the Resistance.  “I shall say this only once!”

bachelorette 2021

The Bachelorette (ABC, Monday Night)

If I hadn’t already read all the spoilers about who Katie is going to end up with, I probably would have been more excited by the return of Blake.  But …. eh.  I’m ready for this season to be over.  I really need to stop reading spoilers.


Bar Rescue (Wednesday, Paramount Network)

Jon Taffer and Mia Mastroianni were outraged to discover that a country-and-western bar was not serving fruity, beach-themed cocktails.  Mia gasped as if she had just seen the worst thing in the history of terrible things.  Taffer yelled a lot.

Big Brotehr 23

Big Brother (CBS and Paramount, 24/7)

Big Brother is back!  It’s taken them 23 seasons but Big Brother finally has a season where there’s more than two people of color in the House.  It’s the most diverse cast ever but everyone is still making the same stupid mistakes that previous houseguests made in past seasons.  I’ve been writing about it over at Reality TV Chat Blog!

children hosptial

Children’s Hospital (Hulu, Thursday)

I watched two episodes of this classic show on Thursday.  The first was the special “lost episode” from the 70s, in which Dr. Lola Spratt joined the staff and was immediately dismissed by everyone because she was a woman.  (“The operation has been canceled!  The patient doesn’t want to be operated on by a woman!”)  Dr. Glenn Richie also joined the staff and attempted to prove that he wasn’t a “baby killer.”  It all ended with an orgy.  The second episode I watched was the British version of Children’s Hospital, which aired on “BBC10” and featured a French mime.


Court Cam (A&E, Wednesday)

“This defendant thinks he’s going to get away with lighting a joint in the middle of the court room but the judge ain’t having it!”  WHY DO I WATCH THIS STUPID SHOW!?  Actually, the answer to that is pretty simple.  It makes good background noise.  I may watch but I rarely pay attention.


Dragnet (MeTV, Weekday Mornings)

Monday’s showing of Dragnet got started with an episode in which Friday and Gannon teamed up with a bunch of old women to take down two con artists who were posing as bank examiners.  It was a good and straight-forward police story and one that, despite Dragnet’s reputation, featured absolutely no crazy hippies.  The second episode featured Friday and Gannon solving the murder of a 66 year-old man.  It turned out that he was murdered by a young couple but they weren’t quite hippies as much as they were beatniks with bad attitudes.  Still, the episode was very well-done, with the audience ultimately sharing the cop’s disgust over the murder.

Both of Tuesday’s episodes were rather dry, which I guess is a polite way of saying dull.  The first one dealt with Gannon and Friday tracking down two men who had been holding up candy stores and a good deal of time was spent explaining how a lineup works.  This is one of those things that I imagine was fascinating in 1967 but today, it’s a bit less so.  The second episode featured a gang selling fake furs.  Gannon went undercover to bust them but it turned out that going undercover just meant showing up in a hotel room, lying about your profession, and then pulling out your badge a few minutes later.

Wednesday started off with Gannon and Friday being called in to investigate a jewelry theft, just to discover that it was actually insurance fraud.  It was, again, all a bit dry.  The second episode was better, with Gannon and Friday tracking down two men who shot a cop.  One of the men was played by none other than Dick Miller!  As usual, the focus was on everyone doing everything “by the book,” which was quite a contrast to the rogue cops who would later come to dominate television.  Gannon and Friday, it would appear, took quite a bit of pride in being dull.

On Thursday, Friday and Gannon worked traffic and continually arrested the same drunk driver until that driver ended up killing two innocent people and losing his legs.  Again, it was a fairly dull episode but the message was a good one because people really shouldn’t drive drunk.  This was followed by an episode in which Friday teamed up with the department’s chaplain to take down a crooked accountant.  Everyone assumed that a preacher couldn’t be a good cop but he proved them wrong, I guess.  It was a weird episode.

On Friday, Joe went on TV and gave an interview about various type of scam artists to look out for, particularly magazine subscriptions salesmen who claim to be veterans.  This was followed by a murder investigation, one that again was handled very succinctly and by-the-book.

These old episodes of Dragnet are interesting from a historical point of view.  From the an entertainment point of view, they’re kind of dull.  But I know that the show is eventually going to exclusively became about Friday and Gannon putting hippies in their place so I’ll keep watching in anticipation.

Hell's Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen (Monday Night, FOX)

The chefs had to cook for Chef Ramsay’s daughter’s birthday party!  Needless to say, it was pretty much a disaster.  Megan Ramsay sent back one plate of noodles because it was flavorless and I was like, “YESSSSSSSS!” because, seriously, the episode needed some more yelling.  The Red Team lost for the second service in a row.  Payton was sent home.  Boo hoo.  I liked Payton.

Love Island

Love Island (CBS, Weeknights)

Love Island is proof that someone watched Paradise Hotel and thought to themselves, “The only thing that would improve this show would be if the people involved were just a little more shallow.”  I watched two episodes, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday.  I like the snarky narrator but, honestly, I’m already watching The Bachelorette, Hell’s Kitchen, and Big Brother so I’ll probably skip out on the rest of Love Island.


Moone Boy (Sunday Night, PBS)

Martin’s starting at a new school but he’s still got his imaginary friend, Sean Murphy, at his side.  This week’s episode was sweetly humorous and had a lot of dancing.  Martin developed a crush on his art teacher, which I found amusing since I once thought I might became an art teacher, specifically so I could inspire young minds to embrace abstract thinking.  But then I realized being an art teacher would also mean having to tell children that their talent was inadequate for my class so I changed my mind.  I’m just too nice.

The Office

The Office (Comedy Central, All The Time)

I watched episodes from season 2 on Thursday, season 3 on Friday, and season 4 on Saturday.  My favorite remains Jim and Pam staying overnight at Dwight’s beet farm.


Open All Hours (Sunday Night, PBS)

Arkwright continued to steal from his customers while Granville drew plans for a bomb behind the counter.


Parking Wars (Weekday mornings, A&E)

I watched an episode on Thursday while I was getting ready for my day.  The parking cops were all acting like martyrs because people didn’t like them.  Who knew that civil servants could be so whiny?


Upstart Crow (Sunday Night, PBS)

As Will Shakespeare struggled to write A Midsummer’s Night Dream, he told Kate and Bottom about the time he met an actual fairy named Puck.  Puck sold him the dust that he used to make Anne fall in love with him.  Kate and Bottom both felt that it sounded more likely that Puck was drug dealer.  Poor Shakespeare …. will he ever win?


Kirby Week : “Our Fighting Forces” #s 157&158

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Let’s keep rolling and look at another of my absolute, all-time favorite stories The King ever did. This time up : the two-part saga of “Panama Fattie” from Our Fighting Forces numbers 157 and 158, cover-dated July and August, 1975 respectively.

As our story begins, some shady shit involving hijacked equipment and supplies has necessitated The Losers’ presence in the Panama Canal zone, but that doesn’t mean ultimate hard-luck heroes Captain Storm, Johnny Cloud, Gunner and Sarge don’t have time for a drink, and the bar favored by servicemen in the area is owned by a fellow American — specifically, a larger-than-life (in every respect) gal whose real name is Lil, but who everyone refers to as — well, you can probably already guess. Lil’s a fun-loving lady with a heart of gold (or so it would seem) and an eye for men in uniform, and she takes a special…

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Kirby Week : “2001 : A Space Odyssey” #s 5&6

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to name my all-time favorite Jack Kirby story, on most days I think I’d have to go with the two-parter from issues five and six of 2001 : A Space Odyssey known in fan circles by its short-hand title, “Norton Of New York.” This pair of comics has anything and everything you could ask for — high drama, deep philosophical questions (specifically in relation to the subjects of individuality, the heroic ideal, the ever-fragile male ego, and the ever-deepening flight of huge segments of the populace into realms of pure fantasy), superb cosmic artwork, dystopian existentialism, even something of an unrequited love story. We’ll get to all of that (and more, I promise) in due course, but first a little bit of backstory for those not steeped in comic book history —

With the near-unprecedented success of Marvel’s Star…

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