Marc Wagner’s “Dead Cells” : A Waking Nightmare?

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

There are times when it’s difficult to say what, exactly, is so fucking scary about Dead Cells, the new horror (in every sense of the word) comic from Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s Marc Wagner published by Skullmore Press, but it’s not hard to say why — Wagner’s paranoid stew of technophobia, techno-dependence, biological horror, and online conspiracy theories speaks deeply, if not necessarily clearly, to many of modern society’s most closely-held fears, and it does so in a way that accentuates the feeling of vague, all-pervasive unease they create while deliberately refusing to nail any of them down. These are the terrors that we can quantify, but not necessarily specify — the ones that can’t be pin-pointed as belonging anywhere because, hey, they’re literally everywhere. Omnipresent, to be sure, bordering on the omniscient.

A dying cell phone leads to panic leads to attempted abduction leads to…

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