Music Video of the Day: Love House by Samantha Fox (1988, directed by ????)

Ah, the Page 3 Girls.

The Page 3 Girls were a long-stranding tradition in the UK. In the often cut-throat world of British journalism, certain publishers realized that the best way to beat the competition was to not only offer important news, brilliant editorials, and attention-grabbing headlines but also to offer up naked models. Starting with the Sun in 1970, most British tabloids would include a topless centerfold on the third page of their newspaper. That way, men could discreetly buy the Sun at the newsstand (and perhaps chuckle at headlines like, “”If Neil Kinnock wins today will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights,”) and then turn to page 3 as soon as they were in the back of a taxi. As a teenager visiting family the UK in the 90s, I always made sure to pick up the new edition of the Sun, The Mirror, and News of the World. Today, of course, the Page 3 Girls are largely a thing of the past and it’s acknowledged that it was all a bit misogynistic. But, back in the day, it was just a part of daily life in the UK.

In the early and mid-80s, Samantha Fox was one of the top Page 3 Girls. She went from modeling to acting and singing. Love House was a single off of her third album. Today, it’s usually listed as being one of the first acid house single to appear on mainstream charts. As with many of Fox’s hits, the songs popularity was aided by a music video that made good use of Fox’s assets. The video for Love House contrasts Fox’s sex appeal with several images that appear to have been lifted from popular horror films.

The song is pretty good too. Because of her background, Samantha Fox was underrated as a singer and she’s never quite gotten the credit that she deserves. However, she is still a cultural icon in the UK, where she’s appeared on editions of Celebrity Big Brother and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, along with remaining an activist for LGBT rights.