Artwork of the Day: Female Convict (by Saul Levine)

by Saul Levine

“The inside story of a women’s prison!”

Female Convict was a popular book that was reissued several times.  With each reissue, it got a new cover.  This cover is from 1952 and I think it’s from the book’s first edition but I could be wrong.  I have to admit that I started laughing as soon as I saw this cover, just because it featured so many typical pulp tropes.  Between the tough trustee smoking a cigarette to the prisoner absent-mindedly fixing her stockings in the background, this cover is pretty much a master class in pulp imagery.  Would you even be allowed to wear stockings in prison?  The other reasons I laughed was just because of all the disgusted facial expressions.  These ladies really don’t want to be in prison.

This cover was done by Saul Levine.  Future covers would be by R.A. Osborne, Robert Maguire, and others.

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