Music Video of the Day: Am I Demon by Danzig (1988, directed by ????)

Whenever I watched any video from Danzig, I’m reminded of what Butthead (of Beavis and Butthead fame) had to say about Danzig’s video for Mother.  “That little dance isn’t very cool.”  I thought about that line as I watched the video for Am I Demon.  Glenn Danzig looks intimidating and scary as hell and it’s easy to imagine that Tipper Gore and all the other Karens of the 80s were freaked out by not only his lyrics but also his sideburns.  The music always rocks but once Danzig starts doing his little hip-shaking dance, it’s sometimes hard to take him seriously.

I would never say that Danzig’s face, though.  Danzig looks like he could easily break anyone in half if they said the wrong thing.  You do not want to get on Danzig’s bad side.

Back in the day, Glenn Danzig was one of the candidates to play Wolverine in one of the early and ultimately unsuccessful attempts to make an X-Men movie.  It wouldn’t have been bad casting.  Danzig had the right look and, even more importantly, Wolverine didn’t dance.


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