Game Review: Doppeljobs (2020, Lei)

Doppeljobs is an entrant in the 2020 Interactive Fiction Competition.  All of the entries can be browsed and experienced here.

You are a Doppelganger.  All you have to do is bite someone and, for a limited amount of time, you can assume their appearance and voice.   Having just graduated from the School of Humanity, you’re ready to set up your own business.  For a generous but fair fee, you will assume the identity of anyone who hires you.  If someone has something that they have to do in person that they would rather not do, they can hire you.  You’ll be the one getting fired from their job.  You’ll be the one getting your license renewed.  You’ll be the one sitting through a boring old recital.

You’ll have to be careful, though.  Let anyone catch on that you’re a doppelganger and the job will be ruined.  Plus, each time you take on someone’s appearance, you also take on some of their traits and some of those traits stick around after the job is done.

I really enjoyed Doppeljobs.  It’s a Twine game, in which you go through a series of clients and you can do as good a job or as bad a job as you may want.  There’s a lot of different decisions to be made and almost every choice leads to a different consequence so this is a game that rewards being replayed.  The best part of the game is seeing which traits you pick up from job to job and how that changes who you are after your final job.  The last time I played, I became not only more paranoid but I also learned to sing.

Doppeljobs can be played here, by either your or your doppelganger.

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