Game Review: Amazing Quest (2020, Nick Montfort)

Sorry for the lack of reviews yesterday.  After spending two weeks watching Witchcraft movies, I had to take a day off.

This game is an entrant in the 2020 Interactive Fiction Competition.  All of the games can be browsed and played here.

Amazing Quest is a throwback to the vague but addictive PC games of the 80s.  You are returning from a quest.  What quest?  That’s for you to imagine.  Are you a Viking?  Are you a space explorer?  Are you Odysseus, trying to make your way home after the fall of Troy?  Again, that is all for you to imagine.

Each turn, you get a new situation and a prompt.  You’ve come across a new land.  Do you send gifts?  Do you attack?  Click y or n.  The results are as vague as the situation, leaving it to the player to imagine what it all means.  When you send gifts to a recently discovered land and you get to see the sun rise as a result, is it our sun or some other planet’s sun?  The choice is yours.

Amazing Quest is simple and random but also very addictive.  It’s a game that’s designed to spark your imagination.  Play it and seen what story you create.

Amazing Quest can be played here.

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