Game Review: Fight Forever (2020, Pako)

Fight Forever is an entrant in the 2020 Interactive Fiction Competition.  All of the entries can be browsed and played here.

In this old school, text-based fight simulator, you pick your fighter, you pick your trainer, and then you hope to have a legendary career.  Pick your training regimen.  Decide which fight camp to attend.  Take a chance living your life and seeing what happens.  (The booty call option either works out really well or totally messes you up.)  Toss in a few random intangibles and you’re ready to fight!

I was surprised by how enjoyable Fight Forever turned out to be.  Even though you can’t control what your fighter does in the ring, you can control the training and the strategizing that goes on before he enters that ring and it’s surprisingly satisfying to discover whether or not it paid off.  Make the right decisions and you can move up in the world.  Make the wrong decisions and you’ll probably die after three fights.

According the game’s creator, Fight Forever is stage one in what he hopes to develop into a much more elaborate fighting game.  I hope he continues to develop it because, even incomplete, what he has now is incredibly addictive.

Fight Forever can be played here.

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