Belatedly, Here’s The Trailer for Mank

With all of the excitement of Halloween and horrorthon, it can sometimes be hard to keep up.  For instance, Mank is one of the films that I’m really looking forward to seeing this year and yet somehow, the release of the first trailer went straight over my head.

So, belatedly, here it is:

Now, I will admit that I have one huge concern.  From what I’ve heard, this film is based on Pauline Kael’s claim that Herman Mankiewicz deserved more credit for Citizen Kane than Orson Welles.  That’s an argument that’s been widely discredited.  (It’s also why Welles included a barely disguised version of Kael in The Other Side of the Wind.)  As someone who is pro-Welles to the point of being a snob about it, I’m not sure how I’m going to react to a perhaps less than charitable portrayal of him.

As well, if this was a theatrical release, I would probably make fun of the film for having such a terrible title.  Fortunately, Netflix exists.  That said, I get the feeling that — if the script had been written by anyone other than the director’s father — the title would have been the first thing to change.  Those of who love movies know who Herman Mankiewicz was but I can guarantee you that the rest of the world is going to say, “What’s a Mank and why should I care?”

That said, I love Gary Oldman and I love the look of the trailer.  Plus, it’s directed by David Fincher!  I hated what he did to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but still, Fincher’s one of most interesting directors around.

I’m looking forward to seeing Mank in November.

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