Horror On TV: Baywatch Nights 2.6 “Cabin” (dir by Reza Badiyi)

On tonight’s episode of Baywatch Nights, Mitch and Ryan discover a cabin that transports them through time!  Suddenly, they’re no longer on the beaches of California.  Now, they’re in a New York brothel in the 1890s and there’s a serial killer on the loose….

Okay, here’s the thing with Baywatch Nights.  And yes, I know I’ve mentioned this before but now seems like a good time to mention it again.  How exactly can anyone go from traveling through time at night to working as a lifeguard during the day?  I mean, we’re 6 episodes into the 2nd season of this show and already Mitch has discovered that sea monsters, aliens, and now time travel are all real things.  It just amazes me how calmly he’s able to accept all of that.  Me, if I traveled through time, I doubt I would ever be able to just go back to my normal life.  I would honestly be spending too much time obsessing on the fact that time travel is real.

Anyway, tonight’s episode is a bit ludicrous but kind of fun.  So, enjoy!

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