Music Video of the Day: It’s My Job by Jimmy Buffett (1981, directed by ????)

For this Labor Day, I wanted to share a music video about working so I decided to see if Jimmy Buffett had ever done an official video for It’s My Job.

It turns out that he didn’t.

However, he did perform the song on a 1981 episode of Fridays.

Fridays was a rip-off of Saturday Night Live that, today, is best remembered for featuring several people who were later involved with Seinfeld.  Michael Richards and Larry David were both cast members of Fridays.  (Michael Richards even got into a staged brawl with Andy Kaufman during one episode.  It was recreated for Man on the Moon, with Norm McDonald playing the role of Richards.)  Fridays was not well-received by critics but it aired during one of Saturday Night Live‘s creative dry spells so, for a while, it appeared that Fridays might actually replace SNL as America’s premiere sketch comedy program.  It didn’t happen, of course.  Fridays was cancelled after just three seasons.  Mad TV, on the other hand, never threatened to overtake SNL and it still managed to last for 14 seasons.

Because Fridays imitated every aspect of SNL, they had a weekly musical guest.  When Jimmy Buffett appeared on the show, he performed It’s My Job.

Enjoy and Happy Labor Day!

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