Music Video Of The Day: Paid For The Award by Sly Toe Hand (2012, dir by ????)

In just a few hours, the Oscar nominations will be announced.  Is that in any way connected to the fact that today’s music video of the day is for a song called Paid For The Award?

Gee, Lisa Marie — what are you saying about our beloved Oscars!?

Calm down.  I’m not saying anything.  Though I may not often agree with the Academy, I don’t think they’ve been bribed or anything like that.  To be honest, this song — or at least the title of this song — is probably more applicable to the Golden Globes than to the Oscars.  Seriously, everyone knows that you can, at the very least, buy a Golden Globe nomination.  Remember when The Tourist picked up all those nominations a few years ago?  And seriously, when was the last time you even remembered that movie existed?

(I’m not really sure what the going rate for a Golden Globe nomination would be.  I imagine that it’s at least somewhat expensive.  I mean, I guess if I sold all of Dazzling Erin’s antique cameras and maybe some of the old Madame Alexandra dolls that we have lying around here, I might be able to afford one but it would probably be for one of the minor ones, like Best Comedy or Musical Film.  But, unfortunately, I already missed my chance to bribe the Hollywood Foreign Press into nominating Cats.  I missed that opportunity and let that be a lesson to you all.  You miss all of the shots that you don’t pay for.  Or something.  I don’t know.  It’s a sports metaphor and sports is a metaphor for life or something like that.)

But anyway, I like this song.  You can dance to it.  The video’s pretty simple but that’s okay.  Not every video needs to be a huge production.  Sometimes, the only thing that I video needs to do is get you in the right mood and this video does that.


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