Eurocomics Spotlight : Ana Galvan’s “Press Enter To Continue”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Running a stylistic gamut that incorporates everything from Manga to Art Deco to THX 1138 to Black Mirror, Spanish cartoonist Ana Galvan’s English-language debut, Press Enter To Continue — recently published in agreeably sleek and slender hardback format by Fantagraphics — is probably the most HONEST comic in at least semi-recent memory, using an economy of words and minimalist linework to make a bold statement on where we are as a society and where we’re going. It’s both “of the moment” and prescient at once, and immediately establishes Galvan as an auteur in the truest sense, to wit : someone with a singular message and a singular method of presenting and communicating it.
Formally inventive page layouts with a tight internal logic and a fluidity that’s as easy to grasp as it is completely unique mark this as an innovative work even before the pastel color palette, infused with…

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