Lisa’s Week In Review: 8/5/19 — 8/11/19

It’s been a long week and it’s also been ludicrously hot.  At least I bought a lot of stuff during our tax-free weekend.  Here’s what else I did over the week:

Films I Watched:

  1. Anatomy of a Murder (1959)
  2. The Caine Mutiny (1953)
  3. Deadly Influencer (2019)
  4. Harvey (1950)
  5. Killer Grandma (2019)
  6. The Last Woman On Earth (1960)
  7. Missing Link (2019)
  8. V.C. Andrews’ Dark Angel (2019)
  9. V.C. Andrews’ Fallen Hearts (2019)
  10. V.C. Andrews’ Heaven (2019)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 60 Days in Narcoland
  2. Bachelor in Paradise
  3. BH90210
  4. Big Brother 21
  5. Breaking Bad
  6. Dance Moms
  7. Evil Lives Here
  8. Fear the Walking Dead
  9. Grand Hotel
  10. House Hunters
  11. King of the Hill
  12. Legion
  13. Love Island
  14. No One Saw A Thing
  15. Saved By The Bell
  16. So You Think You Can Dance
  17. Sweetbitter

Books I Read:

  1. Rat Pack Confidential: Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter, Joey and the Last Great Show Biz Party (1999) by Shawn Levy
  2. This Storm (2019) by James Ellroy

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Abbie Ozard
  2. Afrojack
  3. Alexina
  4. Amanda Palmer
  5. Bat For Lashes
  6. Big Data
  7. Bjork
  8. Bob Dylan
  9. Carys
  10. The Chemical Brothers
  11. Elle Azar
  12. Elle King
  13. Florence + The Machine
  14. Gloria Trevi
  15. HAIM
  16. Lara Snow
  17. Missions
  18. Phantogram
  19. Saint Motel
  20. Steve Aoki
  21. t.a.t.u
  22. twenty-one pilots

Links From Last Week:

  1. Ryan the Trash Film Guru has a patreon.  Please consider subscribing!
  2. On Days Without Incident, Leonard wrote about All Of Us.
  3. On her photography site, Erin shared: More of the Possum, Downtown, The Shops at Legacy, Downtown II, Downtown In The Rain, Red Tree, and Shadows!
  4. On Pop Politics, Jeff shared: The Return of Michael Avenatti, Congratulations Melinda Katz, Danny Trejo Is A Super Hero, Everything’s Coming Up Blago, 45 Years Ago Today Richard Nixon Resigned, Joe Biden Is Really Old, Remember When J. Jonah Jameson Was Elected Mayor of New York, and Jeffrey Epstein is Dead!
  5. I wrote about Big Brother for Big Brother Blog!
  6. Over on SyFy Designs, I shared New York Movie Painted By Edward Hopper, Compartment C Car by Edward Hopper, Thoughts on Sleep, and Why I Love This Time Of Year!
  7. On my music site, I shared music from Abbie Ozard, Alexina, HAIM, Bjork, Elle Azar, Bat For Lashes, and Florence + The Machine!
  8. How American Beauty lost the title of 1999’s best movie
  9. Woodstock 50’s Failure Is the New Left’s Success

Links From The Site:

  1. Case reviewed the 9th episode of Titans!
  2. Erin shared The Many Adventures of 0008 and also: Model Maids, Say When, Weekend Widows, The Odd Switch, The Married Kind, Fury in my Heart, and Free and Easy!
  3. Doc shared 4 shots in honor of International Cat Day!
  4. Gary reviewed Gunman’s Walk, Half Shot At Sunrise, and Cockeyed Cavaliers!
  5. Jeff wrote about video games and shared music videos from Rick James, Midnight Oil, and …. Tom Hanks!
  6. I shared music videos from Carys, Big Data, Missions and Lara Snow!  I reviewed Missing Link, Highway Dragnet, Last Woman On Earth, Heaven, Dark Angel, and Fallen Hearts!
  7. Ryan reviewed What the Actual, The Bus Driver, I Think Our Friend Dan Might Be A Dolphin, and Funky Dianetics, along with sharing his weekly reading round-up!

Click here for what I did last week!

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