Music Video Of The Day: Animal by Miike Snow (2009, dir by Sebastian Mlynarski)

This is one of two music videos for Miike Snow’s Animal.  I prefer this one because it features some moody shots of the band standing in the rain and the whole thing has a sort of end of the world, apocalyptic feel to it.  The song itself has been interpreted to be about everything from addiction to ennui to the furry sub-culture.  The band has been said quoted as saying that maybe we shouldn’t try to read too much into the song.

(For the record, I have never gotten the whole “furry” thing, nor have I really had any desire to understand it.  I mean, to be honest, it just seems stupid.  Unfortunately, I once took a creative writing class where one of my classmates was absolutely obsessed with furries and he even wrote a play about some sort of sex-obsessed space bear.  And, of course, the presidential campaign of Beto O’Rourke has put furries back in the headlines.)

Miike Snow is made up of lead singer Andrew Wyatt and Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg.  Karlsson and Winberg previously produced Toxic for Britney Spears.  When Animal was first released as a single, there was a lot of online speculation that the band was named after director Takashi Miike but, sadly, that turned out to be false.  Apparently, the band actually is named after someone named Mike Snow.  The band added an extra i because …. well, just because they felt like doing it.

More power to them, say I!


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