“Something Crashed In The Woods” — And In This Movie

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Nigel Bach has a lot to answer for.

I’ve talked about his Bad Ben series of films quite a bit on this site, of course, but leaving out their relative merits (or lack thereof) for a moment here, the simple fact is that their (relative) success has inspired a small legion of wannabe-filmmakers armed with nothing but their iPhones and, I suppose, a dream. One of them is Jeff Profitt, and the fruit of his labors is the just-released-to-Amazon-streaming Something Crashed In The Woods. Don’t let the title fool you, though — nothing “crashes in the woods” here (at least as far as we can see), but at about the ten-minute mark your interest level in the film itself will crash mightily, and never recover.

Profitt himself is the sole “actor” in the film, and he plays an unnamed dude who buys his dream “fixer-upper” cabin and intends to…

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3 responses to ““Something Crashed In The Woods” — And In This Movie

  1. Critics who totally disparage certain movies in a way I completely agree with, perform a valuable service. My money for movies, dvds, blu-rays, online internet sites is limited. The number of times I have sat in front of my monitor moaning, “Why did I spend $14.95 for this piece of garbage?” is too sad a story to dwell on. The title and the accompanying photo looked intriguing; maybe I would have bought it. Thank you for saving me from making that mistake.


    • You’re welcome, trust me, this movie is an hour and a half of your life that you can never have back!


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