Artist Profile: Albert Fisher

Like many artists from the pulp era, there isn’t much biographical information to be found about Albert Fisher.  I did several searches online for him and I did come across a painter named Albert Fisher.  That Fisher, though, was born in 1940 and since Albert Fisher’s pulp covers were all published in the 40s and the 50s, it’s safe to say that they are two different artists.

We know of Albert Fisher’s work because he was one of the few pulp artists to sign his work.  Almost all of his work that I’ve seen was done for true crime magazines like Inside Detective and Front Page Detective.  As was typical of the era, all of the covers below feature women who are either in trouble or who are about to make trouble.  My favorite is “the woman who cheated at love,” who appears to be preparing to hide a time bomb underneath a bed.

3 responses to “Artist Profile: Albert Fisher

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  2. Hi there. Albert Fisher was my great-uncle. That’s definitely his signature on the artwork. I can provide more information; my email is submitted with this comment, so I’m hoping you can access it and email me if you’d like more information.


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