Music Video Of The Day: Drive by Tara Lee (2018, dir by Tara Lee)

This video has kind of a Purge feel to it.  It also has a Mad Max: Fury Road feel to it, as well.

Watching this video, I thought about all of the times that I’ve been tempted to tap the bumper of someone in front of me.  That may sound like an extreme overreaction to the stress of driving but anyone who has ever been on North Central Expressway will know what I’m talking about.

When I wasn’t thinking about road rage, I found myself thinking about those terrible Liberty Mutual commercials.  Those are the commercials where people stand in front of the Statue of Liberty and talk about how its unfair that they should be penalized just because they can’t drive.  Right now, there’s one that features a woman talking about how she was in an accident but the other car got a scratch so minor, it could be fixed with a pen.  Because, seriously, who doesn’t want to mark up their car after some moron runs into it?

Even worse is the guy who says that if your insurance won’t pay the full value of your car, you’re better off just throwing your wallet right into the harbor.  And then he does just that and mutters, “I’m going to regret that.”  No shit, idiot!  Why am I listening to you about car insurance when you don’t even have the impulse control not to throw your wallet in the harbor!?

Anyway, enjoy!

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