Music Video of the Day: Here We Go by Stakka Bo (1993, directed by Johan Renck)

Today’s music video of the day is for a song that always makes me nostalgic and, for reasons I’ll explain further down, sad.  When I was growing up, I used to regularly spend my summers visiting family in the UK.  For most of the 90s, you couldn’t go anywhere in Europe without coming across Stakka Bo’s Here We Go playing somewhere and whenever I hear it, I’m reminded of those brilliant summers.

Stakka Bo’s real name is Bo Johan Renck.  Music was largely a side project for him.  He is best known as a highly respected director.  Not only has he directed music videos for Madonna, Beyonce, New Order, Lana del Rey, and David Bowie but he’s also directed episodes of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.  In 2008, Renck directed his first feature film, Downloading Nancy.

He also directed the video for Here We Go.  Undoubtedly a part of the video’s popularity was due to the girl in the video, model Alma Jansson-Eklund.  (Though Alma did a great job lip synching, the vocals were provided by Nana Hedin.)  Tragically, Alma struggled with depression and committed suicide ten years after the release of Away We Go.  While I was doing research for this post, I came across two blog posts written by people who knew Alma: this one and this one.  (The second post is written in Swedish.)  No one can know the exact events that led to her death but it’s impossible to watch this video and not mourn for a talent the left this world far too early.

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