Song of the Day: Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells (2012, dir by Derek Miller and Gregory Kohn)

I like Sleigh Bells.  Originally, I was going to use their video for I Can Only Stare for today’s music video of the day but the video’s suicide heme didn’t feel appropriate for this weekend.

So, I went with Comeback Kid, instead.  I tend to think of this video as being a trailer for some extremely over the top television show about life in small town Texas.  (Having lived in small town Texas, I’m allowed to say that.  If someone from up north said the same thing, I’d have to claw their eyes out.)  I know that some people are probably saying, “So, you wouldn’t share one video because of all the suicidal imagery but you’re willing to share a video that opens with a woman jumping around with a gun!?  What the Hell, Bowman!?”

Well, you might have a point but I’ve made peace with myself.  When I was fourteen, one of my friends told me that her father had just purchased a new gun and I spent an entire afternoon holding the gun and pointing the gun and jumping around with the gun.  I never pulled the trigger, which is a good thing because I later discovered that, despite what my friend had told me, the gun was loaded the entire time.  But it’s odd.  Guns are scary and yet strangely seductive at the same time.  Denying that fact doesn’t do anyone any good.

(For the record, I’m the only person in my family who doesn’t own a gun.  Recently, a new gun store opened a few blocks away from our house.  As Erin put it, we now know where to go “when the shit finally goes down.”  She was joking and I quote her with her permission but still, that shop is probably the first place that the majority of my neighborhood would head if a revolution ever did break out or if our country was invaded Red Dawn-style.  I’d probably be right there with them.)

(By the way, there’s another store in my town that specializes in selling both guns and antique dolls.  It’s a fun place, to be honest.)

Anyway, enjoy!

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