Music Video of the Day: Sun & Moon by Above & Beyond featuring Richard Bedford (2011, dir by Ferry Gouw)

This video, I have to admit, was a last minute selection for today.  The end of Sunday and the start of Monday managed to sneak up on me this week.  It’s odd how that can happen, especially considering that I’m usually hyperorganized.  Maybe it’s the heat.

Anyway, the main thing that appealed to me about this video is that it starts out wistful and kinda happy and then quickly gets rather ominous and kind of disturbing.  The club, to me, looks like it should be full of gangsters from a Martin Scorsese movie and once the dancing begins, it’s impossible not to be reminded of the Roadhouse scenes from Twin Peaks: The Return.  I assume the gentleman with the shaved head towards the end is either a football hooligan or a Kray brother.

Above & Beyond are the freaking best, aren’t they?


(Incidentally, my supertalented cousin, Paulie Marchi, used to have a band called Sun & Moon.  They never made a music video, though.  It’s a shame.)

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