Crown International Pictures’s Only Oscar Nomination

If you’re fan of old movies that used to play in the grindhouses or at the drive-ins, you’re familiar with the Crown International Picture logo.

This logo appeared at the start of some of the most entertaining and cheaply made exploitation films of all time.  These were movies with titles like Malibu Beach, The Teacher, Cavegirl, They Saved Hitler’s Brain, The Sidehackers, My Tutor, Trip With The Teacher, Best Friends, and The Sister-in-Law.  These films may have never been critically acclaimed but they’re still being discovered and loved by viewers today.

Crown International Pictures was founded in 1959 and ceased operations in 1992.  Over the course of 43 years, the studio only received one Oscar nomination.  That was in 1972, for Best Original Song.  Written by Sammy Fain and Paul Francis Webster, Strange Are The Ways Of Love played over the credits for The Stepmother.

In honor of both the Oscars and Crown International Picture, here is Strange Are The Ways Of Love

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