Jedadiah Leland’s Horrific Adventures In The Internet Archive #21: Haunted Mission Adventure (1987, Agency Automation)

For my next horrific adventure in the Internet Archive, I played Haunted Mission Adventure (1987, Agency Automation).

Everyone loves the Blairs’ annual Halloween party.  However, this year, the Pumpkin Man has been kidnapped by the evil Lady Windsloe.  According to the game’s introduction, Pumpkin Man is world-famous and beloved by children and adults.  Maybe he is somehow related the Great Pumpkin.

This text-based game is simple and I think anyone who is in the mood for a retro horror game will enjoy it.  You move around the neighborhood, searching for clues and trying to not get captured by monsters.  One thing I liked about this game was that it was not hard to find the tools that I needed.  At one point, I went south and I was told that I was in a lumberyard and that I saw a “stake.”  Figuring that there would be vampires around, I grabbed it.  Two turns later and I was suddenly in an occultists shop and I was told that I saw “spirit neutralizer.”  Again, that sounded like something I needed.

Of course, neither one did me any good when I ran into the Moss Man.

That did not go well.

Haunted Mission Adventure is simple and fun.  I have yet to find The Pumpkin Man but I won’t give up until he makes it to the Blair Party.

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