Jedadiah Leland’s Horrific Adventures In The Internet Archive #14: Terror in Christmas Town (1995)

For my latest journey through the dark side of the Internet Archive, I played Terror In Christmas Town (1995).

In Terror in Christmas Town, you are on a mission.  A magic elf has been kidnapped by an evil demon and is being held prisoner in a castle.  You must rescue the elf.  It’s a typical first person shooter.

Does this look familiar?  Is anyone else getting a Wolfenstein/Doom feel yet?

Using the arrow keys, I start to explore the game.  This sure is reminding me of Wolfenstein 3D.  Remember how exciting it was the first time that you managed to kill Hitler in that game?  That was so cool and … oh hey, who is that ahead of me?  Maybe this friendly polar bear will show me how to break into the castle.

Excuse me, Mr. Polar Bear?

Bad idea.

Just as Wolfenstein has Nazis and Doom has demons, Terror in Christmas Town has mutant polar bears and they are definitely not your friend.  I do not know if that snowman in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen was meant to literally be me but I do know that, every time I got hit by the polar bear, the snowman melted a little.  Once Frosty has been reduced to a puddle and a hat, the game ended.

As with all games, there is a learning curve here.  The curve is even steeper when you’re playing the instructionless version that has been uploaded to the internet archive.  Once you figure out how to actually draw and fire your gun, the game gets a lot easier.  I like the holiday theme but the game mostly just made me want to play Wolfenstein again.

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