Music Video of the Day: Dig Up Her Bones by Misfits (1997, dir. John Cafiero)

Wow! Johnny Zontal over at Drunk In A Graveyard isn’t a fan of this video. I’m not even sure I need to say anything. He sums this up quite well.

It’s pretty bad. This was the first official music video ever released for a song by Misfits. I have two main problems with it.

  1. It looks ingenious and lacks energy. It really does remind me of something like Blair Witch 2: Book Of Shadows (2000) with its Wiccan and Goth characters. They just seemed to be there because that was trendy. I was in school around that time. It was trendy. This feels like it was meant to tap into those trends rather than being their thing anymore. This doesn’t seem to have a reason to exist other than that it was popular. It doesn’t help that they show fans that don’t only in retrospect tell you this was popular at the time. These were the same kind of people you would see trolling MTV, which caused me to turn away from new music till this stuff started to fade away. It could have made up for this by being cheesy and fun like some metal videos of the 80s. It didn’t.
  2. The integration of the Bride Of Frankenstein (1935) footage. As in it isn’t. They just cut to it here and there because she was on the cover of the single–I guess. I hate to reference it again, but take a look at The Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden. Mallet did a good job. Run To The Hills did it even better. You could edit out the movie footage from this video, and I doubt you would miss it. You can’t say the same of those two Iron Maiden videos.

A few years later, Misfits got Romero to direct a video for their song Scream! I can’t say that song sticks with me anymore than this one will, but the video is done well-enough. I’m not sure what director John Cafiero was thinking. He seems to have only done music videos for two songs–both by Misfits. The other one being American Psycho.

Follow the link at the start for someone making fun of the video. Then watch the video and look for when lead-singer Graves walks his fingers across the top of a gravestone.


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