A Movie A Day #283: ClownTown (2016, directed by Tom Nagel)

To quote a wise man named Forrest Gump, shit happens … especially if there is a clown nearby.

Six idiots take a wrong turn and end up in a deserted, desolate town.  It turns out that the town is populated by a gang of clowns and one homeless man who looks like a skinnier version of Randy Quaid.  It turns out that the clowns are crazy and homicidal and will kill anyone who is not wearing clown makeup.

That is the entire movie!  Other than the amateurish acting, ClownTown is not badly made.  The town is creepy.  The gore looks real.  The clowns are freaky.  The main problem with the movie is that crazy clowns are not unique or surprising anymore.  Even before It went into production and there were all those real-life evil clown sightings last summer, lunatics in clown makeup had become a cliché.  The clowns in ClownTown are evil and sadistic and do some messed up things but who cares?  They’re clowns.  Everyone already knows they’re crazy.

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