Horror on TV: Suspense 1.2 “Suspicion” (dir by Robert Stephens)

For tonight’s excursion into televised horror, we present to you an episode of Suspense!

What was Suspense?  It was an anthology show that ran from 1949 to 1954.  Each episode dealt with ordinary people who found themselves in not-so ordinary situations.  As well, each episode was broadcast live and the entire show was sponsored by the Autolite Corporation.  They make spark plugs.

Out of the over 250 episodes of Suspense, only 90 still survive.  Suspicion, the second episode of the first season, originally aired on March 15th, 1949.  It details what happens when a doting husband comes to suspect that his housekeeper may be a notorious arsenic poisoner!

And yes, it does start with a commercial for spark plugs.


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