Music Video of the Day: Star Trekkin’ by The Firm (1987, dir. Pete Bishop & Marc Kitchen-Smith)

Seeing as an episode of Star Trek: Discovery is going to air once tonight, I thought I would spotlight the “classic” ear-worm, Star Trekkin’. This thing was unleashed on the public back in 1987 by a group who did novelty songs called The Firm.

The story on the video is that the song was such a success that they knew that it would be expected of them to appear on Top Of The Pops. They didn’t want to do that since, as one of their members put it, a “bunch of balding thirty-something’s…would kill the whole fun element of the thing stone dead!”

The video was originally going to be animated. They went to several production companies, but it was too expense and they needed the video quickly. Luckily, one of the companies they approached were a team of art college graduates who put this claymation video together for them. Each of the characters were based on different kinds of food.

They were so rushed that they only had hours to spare after they finished it before it was set to air on Top Of The Pops. I think they did a pretty job considering the rush.

I love the ants.

It reminds me of the famous animal-selfie case with Naruto as well as people discovering that technically national parks can fine you if you use any picture you take on their land for commercial purposes. I’m not kidding.

The origin of the song comes from a parody of the song I Am The Music Man.

It became I Am The Star Trek Man.

I’m not what you would call a Trekkie. Regardless, I am looking forward to the new series…sort of. I guess I will be able to see the first episode–usually awful–and then nothing else??? It’ll end up somewhere. I’ll see it eventually. I’m not signing up for a single channel’s service though.

Enjoy! The music video at least.

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