Music Video of the Day: Amber by 311 (2002, dir. The Malloys)

i like blood recently told me to put on Amber by 311 because it would make me vomit. How could I not take that challenge?

I didn’t vomit. It is a song I can honestly say that I forgot existed. I’m not sure what memories this conjures up. I wanna say, sitting in a car in a parking lot outside of Togo’s. That’s all I’ve got.

The video, I’m almost 100% certain, I didn’t see it until I sat down to write this post.

What can I say about it?
You can say it’s not very good and you’ll forget it the instant it’s over.
We’re doing a question and answer post again?

Q: Why doesn’t the camera just go through the beads at the start?
A: Because the video is obsessed with fade transitions. It probably saved them money as well.

Q: Why is he lifting his hand in the air? He does it several times during the video.
A: It’s because melismas were popular at the time. There were a lot of artists who moved their hands around like that.

Q: Why is his face out of focus?
A: They probably screwed up.

Q: Did you notice the 311 St. sign?
A: In between the annoying jump cuts? Yes, I did.

Q: I guess that’s a street known for streaking, right?
A: Congratulations. You looked up that 311 is the police code for indecent exposure. Anything else?

Q: Umm…he has a hole in his T-Shirt.
A: He sure does. Also, we should be listening to Bad Brains instead of this.

Q: Aren’t you going to show some screenshots of stuff that happens outside that room?
A: Nothing happens out there.

Q: Very true, but there is one person people might recognize.
A: Fine. If you look at the scenes where lead-singer Nick Hexum is in the water, then you’ll notice that the woman he is with is Nicole Scherzinger. She was his fiancee at the time, a member of Eden’s Crush, and would go on to do things such as The Pussycat Dolls. The song is about her.

Q: I think that’s it. That is unless you want to make a joke about the campfire bit by trying to tie it to Cabin Fever (2002) and Doctor Dog.
A: I’ll pass. The rest of the video, campfire included, is just a group of people doing things at the beach. It’s as calming as watching other people have fun at the beach. That is to say, it’s really boring.

Q: Wait a second. I forgot to ask who made this thing?
A: The Malloys directed it. They are actually Emmett Malloy and Brendan Malloy who have somewhere between 40-50 music video credits to their names. The video’s first assistant director was John Downer. He has worked as such on around 83 music videos. They’ve all done other work.

Q: Gonna end this with your stupid catchphrase?
A: No. I’ll just end it with their drummer apparently having discovering the language from Arrival (2016) seeing as I only enjoyed that film a little more than this video.

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