Music Video of the Day: Making Your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz (1981, dir. ???)

If I’m going to talk about other Bucks Fizz videos in the future, then I should do the one where it all started.

I’m not going to explain their story again. I’ll simply bring up that their career was kicked off by wining Eurovision in 1981 with this song.

Every performance I’ve seen of this song from Eurovision itself to Top Of The Pops, is what you see in this video. The only thing I saw changed was for Top Of The Pops. The most distinct thing about this performance is when they rip the long skirts off in time with the lyrics. Oddly, that’s not in the performance they gave at Top Of The Pops. Cheryl and Jay came with the shorter skirts. Maybe they got sick of doing the exact same thing over and over again.

There’s nothing else to this other than getting a chance to see why they won, why a very similar performance would show up in another one of their videos, and if I wanted to go deeper into the performance at Eurovision, which I don’t. Wikipedia has that information.


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