What Lisa Watched Last Night #166: Daughter For Sale (dir by Farhad Mann)

Last night, I turned on Lifetime and I watched Daughter for Sale!

Why Was I Watching It?

Well, the main reason was because the film was on Lifetime and I always enjoy live tweeting Lifetime films.  There’s a strong community of Lifetime live tweeters.  We all appreciate Canadian location shooting and unapologetic melodrama.

Add to that, Daughter For Sale is a great title.  When you see that a movie is called Daughter for Sale, you really have no choice but to watch.

What Was It About?

Annalise O’Neil (Emily Rose) is a newly appointed judge.  We know this because 50% of her dialogue consists of her telling people, “I’m a judge.”  She also lives in a house that is almost totally made of glass.  Seriously, it’s all windows and there’s no privacy.

Anyway, when the movie starts, she’s celebrating being a judge by throwing a party at her glass house.  When she tells her teenage daughter, Carly (Emily Tennant), to put on a pink dress and come downstairs to the party, Carly responds by cutting the dress into pieces and then sneaking out of the house.  Somehow, nobody notices her running away, despite the fact that the house is almost all window.

Anyway, Carly wanders around Vancouver for a while and then ends up getting kidnapped by a human trafficking ring that is operated by a pretend do-gooder named John Gallant (Antonio Cupo).  Working with a whiny, leather jacket-wearing detective named Derek (Chris Kalhoon), Annalise searches for her missing daughter.  (Her search basically consists of approaching random people and saying, “I’m a judge.”)  Will Annalise and Whiny Detective Man be able to find Carly before she’s sold to the highest bidder?

What Worked?

Particularly for a Lifetime film, Daughter For Sale looked really good.  The shadowy cinematography created the perfect sense of menace.  The warehouse that Carly was kept in was pure nightmare fuel.  We tend to take production design for granted but the people responsible for the look of Daughter for Sale outdid themselves.

Emily Tennant did a pretty good job as Carly. (Remarkably, despite spending about a month in a dirty old warehouse, Carly’s hair and makeup remained perfect throughout the entire movie.)  Antonio Cupo was properly sleazy as the bad guy.  I enjoyed the way the film contrasted Gallant’s public image with the monstrous reality of who he truly was.

What Did Not Work?

“I’m a judge.”  Yes, we know, Analise!  You don’t have to mention it every two minutes!  You being a judge certainly isn’t going to get your daughter out of that warehouse…

This was one of those films where everyone continually switched from being super competent to being super stupid, depending on what was necessary for the scene.  Analise, in particular, was always either a genius or the most naive jurist in history.  Meanwhile, John Gallant was able to run a halfway house, a charity, and an international sex trafficking ring but he wasn’t smart enough to hide the incriminating evidence in his office.  If you’re going to send a thug to beat up a judge, it might be smart to not allow yourself to then be seen, in public, hanging out with the exact same thug.  Or, at least, that’s the way it would seem to me.

“Oh my God!  Just like me!” Moments

“I’m a judge!”

No, actually, I’m not.  But if I was, I would probably remind everyone every chance I got as well.

Lessons Learned

She’s a judge!

One response to “What Lisa Watched Last Night #166: Daughter For Sale (dir by Farhad Mann)

  1. I watched the show on youtube with my mum a few weeks ago. It was kinda fun. I have a friend my age who actually became a Sessions Court Judge, the equivalent of a District Judge in the USA, back in 2014 when we were 41 years old.

    I told my mum that it was about the white slave ring or juvenile sex trafficking ring. My criminal law practice background of yesteryears proved my assertion.

    Right now, I’m watching Danica Wonder Years McKellar in Mommy I Didn’t Do It! I was a criminal prosecutor too in 2002-2003, prosecuting criminal fraud cases, criminal default of statutory obligations etc. I was rooting for the smoking HOT prosecutor played JEN LILLEY! Till I did a wiki & imdb search and found out her marital status.

    As a single bachelor stricken with severe gout for more than a month now…I’m gonna watch comedies from now on…especially those starring Kate Upton!


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